Body Skin Treatments


Beauty expectations are contingent on our lifestyle, culture, and individual needs.

At Timeless, we offer different and combined procedures for all parts of the body and every skin type, as everyone is unique.

Our non-invasive body treatments create effective results thanks to the selection and combination of diverse revolutionary technologies, focused on improving and restoring tissues and muscles toning, working in all the stratums of the body, from the surface (epidermis) down to the deeper layers (muscles).

The results will be present for a long period of time, however, must be accompanied of a healthy diet and physical exercise program in-line to the needs of every individual.



Cellulite is a disease of the hypodermis of evolving nature, manifested by the increase in the number and volume of subcutaneous adipocytes, and the reduction of the underlying muscle tone, among other factors.

Through the synergy of radio frequency, ultrasound cavitation and Diatermocontraction® technologies, the patient experiences a feeling of fullness in the area treated, a greater concentration of diathermy and a remodeling massage that helps to sculpt and define the body.

The effect will be a deep heating of the tissue treating accumulations of fat and cellulite. Liporeduction action, in which you will be burning fat up to 72 hours after each treatment.


Timeless Liporeduction Ultrasound Cavitation non-invasive system for Lypolisis (alternative to surgical liposuction) breaks apart fat deposits in the body (recovery is minimal), which are then absorbed into the lymphatic system.

By targeting specific and selective areas of fat, it helps contour your body via muscle toning. It’s not a weight loss treatment, instead reduces body fat mass.

We recommend coupling this treatment with a lymphatic drainage machine treatment after each Liporeduction session.

Results are long term, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise.



Through the emission of energy flows (radiofrequency) of high intensity, heat energy is directed deeper into the skin, thereby heating the hypodermis (fat layer) and the dermis directly above it in order to increase the metabolism of the fat cells, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen and tighten the skin, thereby breaking down fatty deposits, improving the appearance of sagging and lax skin on the body.

Gluteus lifting

Diatermocontraction® is a new and revolutionary way to catch deep muscles and tissues, allowing diathermy and muscular contraction at the same time, treating all layers of the body, from the epidermis (skin surface) to the muscles, effectively tightening the skin, and muscles densification.


The lymphatic system carries a colorless fluid called “lymph,” which transports things like toxins and minerals we don’t need through our bodies. When that system gets blocked up, you hold onto things that your body doesn’t want. The lymphatic system works just fine on its own (especially if you’re doing things like moving your body and drinking water), but a lymphatic drainage can help speed up the toxin-ridding process along.


  • Strengthened Immune System
  • More Energy
  • Lymphedema Prevention
  • Reduction of Swelling in the Legs
  • Healing After Surgery

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