Real patients, Real results

Frank Singh

Daniel Rubal

Kenneth Pearce

"I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and visited local doctors that provide hair transplants. Many of the providers here were frankly expensive and had a complicated billing structure.  I also had serious questions about the quality given the price. I then decided to research Mexico and found Dr. Roberto Guerrero Zazueta, which changed my life. His work is that of an artist and I now have a natural hairline with a full head of hair. The plastic surgeons I see in the United States for botox did not recognize the hair transplants until I told them and neither did the cosmetologist that cut my hair.  My hair looks this natural and has great density. Dr. Roberto is also a man of great integrity and he ensures great follow up care as well. You are in good hands!"

Benjamin Lezama

"It was very confusing to select a doctor to get my hair transplant treatment done. After looking a lot of options in the US and in Mexico, I decided to do it with Roberto. A couple of friends have done it with him and they highly recommend him and his clinic. Roberto is really professional and a really nice person. I liked the fact that he is a fully qualify doctor and his extensive training in the US and in Turkey in hair transplant. All of his years of experience doing it was also a deciding factor. The fact that he will perform the surgery and not anyone else at the clinic was very important. In other clinics I did not know who I would get.

The process was long, from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm. It was painless for me, and Roberto and his staff make me feel very comfortable and told me what was going on at each moment.

On the following days Roberto himself was totally available at any doubt that came up and the recovery process was very simple and well explained.

The first days is a little uncomfortable on how you sleep and how you need to take care. It has been almost 3 months and I am very happy with the whole experience. I recommend Roberto and his staff 100%."

Martin Gallardo

"The experience of surgery with Dr. Roberto Guerrero in the procedure of my hair transplant was a painless experience and an excellent recovery; he was always available to address any and all doubts I had about the recovery process, and finally after a few months the change in appearance was radical. People around me noticed the good results, always making comments about how incredible and noticeable my new hair was. I am very happy because I feel very comfortable with my new look.

I am infinitely grateful to Dr. Guerrero for his professionalism and attention, I highly recommend him; many friends await their turn convinced of the hair transplant surgery results.

Thank you very much Dr. Roberto Guerrero Zazueta."