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Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

FUE is one of the latest and successful techniques used in the excision of follicles responsible for hair growth. FUE does not use a scalpel to perform the hair transplant procedure, instead an excising tool with less than one millimeter in diameter is used. As such, there are no linear scars at the place where…
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Donor Area for Follicle Excision

The donor area is as important as the recipient area. An expert doctor should be able to excise the required hair follicles in such a way that the donor area is left with no detectable procedure traits. The prefer and critical donor area is the back of the head, follow by the sides, as in…
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Recipient Area

The hair that is permanently growing in the back and sides of the head is then strategically transplanted placing the follicular grafts one by one to maximize the naturalness, density and coverage of the baldness and thinning areas.
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